Phase Two - Philip R. Smith

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Phase Two of the Ten-Year Elementary Facilities Master Plan calls for the construction of two new K-5 schools: Philip R. Smith Elementary and Eli Terry Elementary. The proposal was approved by the Town of South Windsor in a referendum held on March 21, 2017. Details regarding the new Philip R. Smith facility are as follows:

•  A 60,700 square foot K-5 elementary school will be built on the site of the existing Philip R. Smith building.

•  The original Philip R. Smith building will be razed prior to construction; construction is expected to begin in spring 2019 and completed in summer 2020.

•  Beginning August 2018, Philip R. Smith students will be temporarily relocated to the original Orchard Hill Elementary School building while their school is being built. They will return to their newly built Philip R. Smith school in August 2020.

Education Specifications for Philip R. Smith Elementary
Phase Two Milestones and Timeline