Board Members and Committees

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Contact the Board
Please direct routine phone calls and inquiries to the Office of the Superintendent at (860) 291-1205.

 Name  Title
 David S. Joy  Chairman
 Beth Esstman  Vice Chair
 Craig Zimmerman  Secretary
 Joseph Durette  Board Member
 Jamie Gamble  Board Member
 Michael Gonzales  Board Member
 Mary Justine Hockenberry  Board Member
 Phil Koboski  Board Member
 Rick Stahr  Board Member
 Ann Walsh  Clerk to the Board


 Budget Guidelines  Committee of the Whole
 Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE)  Legislative Representative  Mary Justine Hockenberry
 Capital Projects Committee  Michael Gonzalez, Craig Zimmerman, Jamie  Gamble
 Capital Region Education Council (CREC) Representative  David Joy, Jamie Gamble
 Elementary Facilities Communications Committee  Rick Stahr (Chair), Jamie Gamble
 Energy Committee  Rick Stahr
 Insurance Control Commission Representative  Joe Durette
 Negotiations Committee (SWESS)  Mary Justine Hockenberry, Jamie Gamble
 Parks & Recreation Committee Liaison  Craig Zimmerman
 Pension Commission Representative   Joe Durette
 Policy Committee
 Beth Esstman (Chair), Mary Justine  Hockenberry, Joe Durette
 Technology Committee Representative  Rick Stahr
 Transportation Committee  Committee of the Whole
 Superintendent Evaluation Committee  Committee of the Whole, Beth Esstman (Chair)