10-Year Elementary Facilities Plan

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Background and Overview

In October 2013, the Board of Education adopted the Elementary Facilities Ten-Year Master Plan to address our five aging elementary school buildings, which range in age from 51 to 63 years old. This plan stems from the 2011-2014 Strategic Plan which called for the development of a "long-range elementary facilities plan that promotes a safe, engaging learning environment accessible to all students and community members.”

The Plan calls for a three-phased approach using multiple referenda to address the elementary facilities needs over a span of ten years. We are closing in on the end of Phase One with the opening of the newly constructed Orchard Hill school in August 2017. We have now progressed to Phase Two of the plan, which calls for the new construction of two elementary schools: Eli Terry and Philip R. Smith. If approved, Phase Three will include the construction of a new elementary school for Pleasant Valley. This phase is expected to commence in 2020.

Three Phase Summary